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LA Lee Mizell YMCA Community Center, What’s Your Elephant and Niki Lopez Presents :

The Art of Justice: Art-Making as Catalyst for Social Justice and Collective Action

Series from July 2021 - January 2022

The LA Lee Mizell YMCA Community Center and Niki Lopez of What’s Your Elephant present “The Art of Justice: Art-Making as Catalyst for Social Justice and Collective Action” an art-making series that features social justice-themed presentations, artist-led workshops across literary, visual, and performing arts, and culminating showcases that highlight the work created in the workshops while encouraging critical conversations about access, advocacy, agency, and collective action.

Each lens will have:

1 Day: art-making workshop day & community conversation centered on that lens.

1 Day: a showcase of work from the workshop, art from artists, open mic, community dialogue, featured performance artist

This series will culminate in January 2022 with some of the works from each lens, performances.

** Since the new LA Lee Mizell YMCA Community Center is under construction, the first several events will be virtual.

To be considered, artwork MUST align with 1 or more of the lenses of focus:

Dates: Workshop/community dialogue & showcase

1. Access: Access (+ Equity) Open and Available to All


Thursday, July 22; 6:30 - 8 PM - Workshop + Community Dialogue

Saturday, July 31; 1- 3 PM - Showcase

2. Agency: Capacity to affect change

DEADLINE: August 21

Thursday, August 12; 6:30 - 8PM - Workshop + Community Dialogue

Saturday, August 28; 1- 3 PM - Showcase

3. Advocacy: Skills to effect change

DEADLINE: September 18

Thursday, September 16; 6:30 - 8PM - Workshop + Community Dialogue

Saturday, September 25; 1- 3 PM - Showcase


4. Solidarity: Collectively working for change

DEADLINE: October 9

Thursday, October 14; 6:30 - 8PM - Workshop + Community Dialogue

Saturday, October 23; 1- 3 PM - Showcase


CULMINATING: Access, Agency, Advocacy, Solidarity & Equity

DEADLINE: December 24

Culminating exhibition & showcase

Saturday, January 8; 1- 3 PM

For more information, visit: whatsyourelephant.org/theartofjustice 


Featured community partners:

What's Your Elephant

Niki Lopez Creative, LLC

Kr8tive Uprising

Let's Get Social:








Support for this project has been provided by the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward: Oakland Park Woman’s Club, David and Francie Horvitz Family Fund, Ann Adams Fund and the Mary and Alex Mackenzie Impact Fund.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.